walk first
the city’s tool, tips and techniques to improve pedestrian safety in SF are all at the public’s fingertips in this lcp designed online engagement tool. (more)
bank on us
lcp’s fresh new brand for the bank of san francisco is turning heads and instilling confidence (more)
talking trash
lcp’s new signage and interpretive displays are helping el cerrito residents speak the language of recycling and resources (more)
power on.
TEECOM's new lcp-designed brand suite shows how buildings and our surrounding environment can turn you on (more)
ancient gardens.
contemporary signs.
lcp's newest installation of signage and wayfinding is open for your viewing pleasure inside the San Francisco Botanical Gardens (more)
food comes to life.
lcp's branding and signage for the restaurants at the California Academy of Sciences, raises the bar for drama and dining experience (more)
hindsight is 2020.
but it also looks to the future. lcp's brand and marketing collateral for this new consulting practice is leading the way for the "business of the environment" (more)
music to your ears.
lcp's donor and environmental signage is making beautiful harmony at the new home of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (more)
splash landing.
lcp-designed signage and wayfinding in the new Nassau International Airport in the Bahamas is making a big splash in terms of combining international style with local flair (more)