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Senior Designer
Former Competitive Swimmer
my favorite way to communicate is:
By making a maps and diagrams to communicate concepts. I love to create visual storyboards to aid in the iterative design process.
i am always obsessing about:
Evaluating the bigger picture. I am always trying to determine the critical path that leads to the best possible solution and do it with efficiency without sacrificing creativity and innovation.
what you can expect working with me:
I can handle a great deal of ambiguity and help to find order. I am practical without being boring and will push through careful research to produce the best outcomes.
a few of my favorite things:
My Dog Tallulah: She brings humor and love to my daily life. I can nurture her unconditionally and she always keeps me active.

Traveling: I love experiencing the unknown. Learning the ways of other cultures and places feeds my soul and keeps my mind open. Traveling gives me the tools and abilities to be adaptable to work with a wide cast of characters.

Nachos: I shouldn’t live with them, but I cannot live without them.