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Founder, Owner
Kohlrabi Aficionado
my favorite way to communicate is:

By listening and sketching up diagrams in my sketchbook. Ask me to show you at our next meeting. I love listening to all the ideas being bantered about and finding a way to represent all those ideas within a concise infographic.

i am always obsessing about:
Text breaks and how things align on a page. I hate leaving orphaned words on a line or starting two lines of a paragraph just before a column break. I hate it when something looks like it should be aligned with another element on the page, but is slightly off. (Drives me crazy). I also obsess about what goes on behind the scenes, in how your files are set up, using type styles, master pages, colors, etc. Even though our clients can’t see this, it’s an important part of how we communicate as a team...
what you can expect working with me:
An anal-retentive perfectionist when it comes to the overall layout of each design piece. You can expect me to drive the overall brand vision and messaging for your project. You can expect me to provide art direction on almost all of our projects. And you can expect me to be available if you need to talk through anything. That is what i am here for.
a few of my favorite things:
(Besides the Sound of Music you mean??? which I have probably seen over 100 times in my life. Julie Andrew rocks...)

Clothes. (I totally admit to being a clothes horse.) In my City Planning graduate program at Cal Berkeley, I was voted best dressed.

Puce. It’s my favorite color. It’s somewhere between purple and rust (not to be confused with chartreuse, which can have it’s moments). 

Kohlrabi. (I can see you all scratching your heads right now, unless you are from the Midwest. Kohlrabi is a root vegetable, somewhere in between a radish in looks and cauliflower in taste and personality.) You can’t really get it out in SF, but it’s the first thing I look for when I go back to Wisconsin in the summer. Seriously folks, it’s amazing.