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Lead Programmer
process optimization
my favorite way to communicate is:
Listening and doodling, because you can not call them sketches with my drawing ability. A picture is worth a thousand words. I also think that the best way to communicate is through precedents and examples, especially when I have to explain what I am going to do from a programming point of view to non programmers.
i am always obsessing about:

User experience and budget (which are often in conflict with each other). I am really driven toward the user experince since I know that the end user is the one that is going to determined the project success and I always try to balance it with the project budget to make sure that the client has allocated enough budget to build what they really want. In my experience, the best website project incorporates three things:

  1. Offers a great experience to the end user
  2. Is released on time (when expected)
  3. Stays within the budget
what you can expect working with me:
A solution. I will always offer a solution and most of the time it will be the fastest/easiest solution. I tend not to complicate things since complicated things tend to ruin a project (e.g. break the code, which breaks the website, which can cause our clients to have  abreak down, you get the picture...) I will always try to go with the simplest way not because it involves less work (normally it doesn't) but for the end user this will be the easiest way to do it.
a few of my favorite things:

Music. I am useless without music. Whenever I have to concentrate (work, gym, study) I have to be listening to music.

Sports. I have been involved in numerous types of sports activities since I was a child. Maybe it's because I'm hyperactive, but this is an important part of my day to day life and sanity.

Manga & Anime. I have been a huge fan of Japannese culture and one of the most iconic things about their culture it's the manga and anime.